Thursday, 12 May 2011

Using Our Brain to Think

Assalamualaikum and good morning (Jordan time) to all...

Today I want to share about something interesting and very useful in our daily routine. About BRAIN..

The title above is unfamiliar because each of us knows that when we talk about thinking, then we also have to talk about the tool that is used to think, which is our brain.

Here I share an article, motivational article.I found from this website:

Brain is a marvelous thing given by God to human to be developed and not to be given for human’s, because one time human will be asked for responsibility of the thing that is entrusted to them for using it. Who ever he/she is, nobody will get away from Him.

The marvelous thing called brain is in fact amazing. Brain has one trillion nerve cells. Each cell can process information faster than Pentium 4. It has ever been calculated that if we want to build a super computer with processing ability and memory capacity close to human brain, it needs a computer that has size of 50 times bigger than soccer field and has the height of Liberty statue, meanwhile the electricity of our brain is smaller than a 10 watt lamp.

Besides, the human brain has some skills, which are :

1. Language-word, symbol.

2. Number.
3. Logics-order, list, analysis, time, association.
4. Rhythm
5. Color
6. Imagination-dream, visualization.
7. Consciousness-dimension, whole picture.

A fact said that a human actually only uses less than 2% of his/her brain till he/she dies (Institute of Brain Stanford


Dr. Mark Rosenweig from Paris, based on his research, made a conclusion that even if brain is filled with 10 kinds

of data and simple pictures continuously for 100 years, it only takes less than 10% of its capacity. This fact is amazing and maybe beyond our prediction.

Our brain is created to solve or give a solution for every problem weexperienced without causing stress, frustration, disappointment and asking to the wrong people about the problem we deal with.

This technique is called mind storming, whereas we stimulate our brain to think about solution of problems we face. The technique is simple. Take a blank piece of paper and a pen. Then, start to write about problems we face in questions.

For example :

- How to increase sales this month?
- How do I get promotion quickly?
- How can my family be happy?

Then, we must give the answers ourselves. Give 20 different answers to those questions.
The first five answers are maybe the easiest, meanwhile the rest could be the most difficult.

When you have finished answering all the question, you have 20 different solutions to solve your problems. You can choose and start to do it.

If the technique has not worked yet, add other different answers to those questions.

This is what I mean with using our brain to think.

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